Thank you for choosing DHL Express brought to you by PGL, an authorized reseller for DHL Express – USA. We strive to continually provide highly efficient, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the specific international shipping demands of your business.



  • Quotes are effective for 7 days excluding carrier changes to Fuel or other applicable Surcharges.
  • Quotes are available for both inbound, outbound and 3rd country shipments
  • Weight qualifier: 0.5 kg – 1,000 kg. (PER SHIPMENT) / 300 kg. (PIECE MAXIMUM)
  • All sides <48in/<120cm will move without any surcharge. Any single side >48in/>120cm will have an oversize piece surcharge. Any single side >118in/>300cm is not accepted for carriage
  • Maximum number of pieces: 99 pieces per AWB
  • Standard fees and dimensions apply. Follow link to fuel surcharge and other fees:
  • Subject to DHL Express terms & conditions, which can be found at


Shipment quotes are considered estimates based on shipment profile provided for quotation.
Shipment invoicing is based on actual pieces, weight and dimensions at the time of shipment.

  1. Payment of Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the importer of record (normally the receiver) unless other arrangements are confirmed.
  2. Shipments may not be released for delivery until Duty/Tax is paid in full.
  3. PGL is unable to provide estimate of Duty/Tax as this varies by contents, value and destination country.
  4. Shipments to EU countries require Receiver’s VAT ID or EORI number on Commercial Invoice at time of shipment.