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Pilot Training


SIMCOM is committed to delivering training solutions that allow their customers to become safer, more proficient pilots prepared for any situation. SIMCOM provides pilot training across a variety of general aviation, business, and commercial aircraft types.

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Personal Service

Urban Air

What does it take to bring in and set up all of the equipment for America’s most popular indoor adventure park? How about for 60+ locations every year? It takes more than Trans-Pacific freight, Customs Services and Truck & Rail Transport. It takes PGL Personal Service.

Spirit Halloween Case Study: Outbound

Retail Fulfillment

Spirit Halloween: Outbound

In Part One of our look at how this seasonal retail giant pops up into existence every fall, we talked about the inbound warehousing process. Here in Part Two, we examine the activity involved in distributing to over 30 retail locations.

JSSI Fuselage Move

PGL Aero

JSSI Fuselage Move

Moving a jet plane halfway across the country becomes a much more complicated process when it no longer has the wings attached. We at PGL love the challenge, and here’s a rundown of how we made it happen.

Spirit Halloween Case Study: Inbound

Retail Fulfillment

Spirit Halloween: Inbound

Have you ever wondered where these ubiquitous pop-up stores come from and how they can transform from unused retail space to a fully-stocked store that’s ready for business, seemingly overnight? Enjoy Part One of our Spirit Halloween Case Study where we discover how inbound warehousing works.


Hazmat Handling


Follow along as we detail how PGL brought improved warehouse management function to life while maintaining focus on safety when handling hazardous materials.

Loews Hotel Laundry

Personal Service

Aqua Recycle

Making a real difference takes more than just managing international shipping for high-value equipment while increasing efficiency and saving the customer money. Adding PGL Personal Service to mix brings responsiveness, capability and competitive cost.

AutoDesk University – Official Carrier


AutoDesk University – Official Carrier

Moving a one-of-one multi million dollar race car was only one part of the job. Follow along as PGL helps make the Autodesk University Tradeshow happen.

Case Study - Texas Rangers

Official Partner

Texas Rangers

Learn what it takes to transport the 2023 World Series Champion Texas Rangers to spring training and away games. As the long-time Official Logistics Partner of our Texas Rangers, we couldn’t be more proud of our team.


Contract Logistics


When moving an entire theater worth of seats is too big of a job for an internal logistics team, you partner with the experts to make it happen.

Grainger / State of Connecticut


Grainger / State of Connecticut

With the chance to partner with an industry giant and help the State of Connecticut find efficiency and unparalleled visibility into their inventory, PGL brings all of that and more in record time.




Watch an engagement grow and thrive as Avid revolutionizes their warehousing and logistics processes with PGL, streamlining their efforts to lead the industry and providing creators with the best equipment for their audio and video needs.

Safety Training Systems, Inc.

PGL Aero

Safety Training Systems, Inc.

Where do you start when the goal is to get the tail section of a plane across the Atlantic Ocean and halfway across the US? Here, PGL shows you how it’s done with turn key delivery that covers everything from permitting and customs clearance to delivery and everything in between.


PGL Aero

Spirit Airlines Charter

When an aircraft is stuck on the ground, you move heaven and earth to get it back into service. Enjoy this detailing of how an aircraft engine makes it from Michigan to Ecuador to get them flying again, ASAP.




At the height of the pandemic, PGL had the honor of designing and implementing a major kitting operation to get COVID testing kits into the field. Over 20 million barcodes to track were just part of the adventure.


PGL Aero

Flight Safety International

Moving a flight simulator involves extremely sensitive equipment and specialized services. With years of experience in doing just that, PGL delivers peace of mind and the industry’s only On-Site Logistics Strategy Manager service.

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PGL Kitting Capabilites

Enjoy this video on how PGL engineered a complete kitting operation to deliver over 5.5 million COVID testing kits across the country.

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PGL Aero

PGL Moves Aircraft Seats for Exhibition

In this video we detail how the full-service delivery of aircraft seats from the UK to the US happens in a tight timeframe.

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PGL Aero

PGL Transports Flight Simulator from Airport to Airport

In this video case study, PGL partners with TALA, managing the preparation and transport of a flight simulator from one airport to another in Houston, TX.


Giving Back

PGL partners with NYC Healthcare Heroes

PGL was honored to partner with the Red Cross in the new NYC Healthcare Heroes initiative, assisting in the distribution of over 100,000 bags of food, household supplies and over the counter medicine.

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Official Partner

PGL is the Official Logistics Partner of the Texas Rangers

Watch how PGL Moves the Texas Rangers to Spring Training.

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Equipment Move


How an international heavy equipment moving project runs smoothly and inexpensively.

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Substantial returns are realized when outsourced logistics allow both added capacity as needed, and faster Cross Dock Labeling.

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Supply chain optimization that leads to greater visibility, on-time delivery and greater savings. It pays to work with the experts.

Spirit AirlinesA320Int-2


Spirit Airlines

Providing a complete picture of Spirit’s end-to-end supply chain, in real-time, including where parts and the personnel tasked with repairing them are at any given time.