DHL International Express Quote

  • Directions

    To get started, please fill out all of the form fields below and follow the directions. PGL will review your information, we will get back to you within 4 hours of your request. Incomplete request may result in delay of quotation until required shipment details are provided.

    To book a shipment, simply acknowledge acceptance of the quote and PGL will proceed with shipment preparation and booking.

    • Sender / Receiver name, phone number and email address are required for shipment processing. PGL will NOT complete booking without this information.
    • A detailed Commercial or Pro-Forma Invoice is required for all international shipments. You may provide your own documents or PGL can prepare this for you upon acceptance of quote and shipment preparation arrangements are confirmed.
    • Additional documents may be required depending on origin/destination, contents and value of shipment.
  • Number of Pieces per AWB


    • Export (LB) / Import (KG)

    Dimensions of Pieces:

    • L x W x H – Export (in)
    • L x W x H – Import (cm)

    (Please list weight and dims for multiple pieces separately)

  • PiecesWeight (lb. or kg.)L (in. or cm.)W (in. or cm.)H (in. or cm.)