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Air Freight: How To Place An Order and What is Entailed

Freight forwarding is the process of managing the shipment of international imports and exports. While that sounds simple enough, there are often tons of customs regulations, tariffs, and duties required for every shipment. This amounts to a lot of paperwork, slowing down the shipping process, and often costing the shipper an arm and a leg.

An air freight forwarder can help mitigate that risk and reduce shipping costs to a minimum. Essentially a freight forwarder is a broker that gets you the best possible deal on shipping, and then oversees the actual transportation of goods form port-to-port, or even door-to-door if such comprehensive services are necessary.

Air freight forwarders make sure that your goods arrive at their destination in mint condition, at the agreed upon date of arrival. They account for and reduce any delays that occur en route. They also take advantage of pre-existing relationships with carriers, and batched shipments for greater bargaining leverage. What this means to the client is that they can achieve far better rates than a sole shipper ever could.

They also acquire and organize all necessary documentation so that your goods can easily clear customs without the slightest hiccup. They plan the safest, most efficient route for your goods, and provide a one-stop service for the client to make payments, ask questions, or express concerns. If you are seeking door-to-door air freight, here is how to place an order and what is entailed.

1. Find A Forwarder

Finding a reputable forwarder is often as simple as asking the right questions and paying attention to detail when selecting among several choices. Call no less than four freight forwarding services for free quotes. A good forwarder will be highly organized, and willing and able to quickly provide any information or referrals in order to earn your business.

Compare forwarders not only on price but on services offered. One forwarder may charge more, but may offer greater security or better services than the lowball offer. Always ask for referrals, check their licensure, and ask about the company’s years in service and operations.

2. Insure Your Goods

Once you’ve found a freight forwarder, they should advise you on how to acquire proper insurance for your goods. You can choose from several types of coverage, and each coverage has a unique set of requirements.

For instance Replacement Cost Protection will completely reimburse the value of the cargo, but a complete list of items in the shipment must be provided. Other types of coverage, such as basic liability, offer reimbursement for an agreed upon amount per pound.

3. Acquire Documentation

Finally, your air freight forwarder will help you acquire and arrange all the necessary documentation, information, and signatures needed to get your shipment through customs. This includes inventories, bills of lading, customs documents, and carrier contracts. Be prepared to provide information about yourself, the recipient, and the shipment itself. Even for confidential cargo, your forwarder can help you manage the shipment with discretion.

By now you should have a good idea how to place an order with a freight forwarder for a door-to-door shipment. While the process is complex, developing a good relationship with an honest, reputable freight forwarder will help ease the cost and the stress of shipping goods overseas.

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When To Go Through An Air Freight Forwarder To Ship Your Goods

Perhaps you are at a point in your career where you are in need of outside help to ship your goods. Not only do you want to ship your items in a fast, quality and safe manner, you want to work with individuals or companies that are professional and skilled in the air freight forwarding business. If this is how you feel then you are not alone, as more and more people are turning to air freight forwarding to ship their goods. Not only will they ship your goods for you in a timely manner, they will give you peace of mind that your goods will be taken care of from origin to destination.

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3 Reasons to Work with an Air Freight Forwarder To Cut Your Shipping Costs

Regardless of your company’s size or annual shipping volume, shipping large quantities of merchandise can be a big headache when trying to handle logistics on your own. Taking care of the required permits and paperwork along the way can entail a burdensome amount of stress and time commitment on your part.

If you have merchandise that you need transported, you can save money, time and your peace of mind by hiring something like FCB Logistics – North Queensland Transport Experts or better yet, an air freight forwarder to do the job for you. An air freight company can transport your goods at very high levels of efficiency. Even if you lack have the time, know-how, or experience to move your goods, you can trust an air freight forwarder to handle the whole process from A to Z. You should also take a look at these 40′ storage containers for sale.
Here are three reasons to work with an air freight forwarder and cut your shipping costs:

1. Saves Time And Money Associated with Managing Multiple Freight Services

Air freight forwarders manage your entire shipping operation. If you decide not to hire an air freight forwarder, you will face the laborious process of separately hiring multiple transport teams to relay your goods from port to port. You’ll need to hire a team to pick-up at your loading dock and take it to the airport. If they do not offer flight services, you will need to find an air freight company as well. Then you will need to hire a team to pick up the goods at the freight planes destination to carry to its final destination.

You can avoid all of this by hiring an air freight forwarder that can manage and broker the entire supply chain. An experienced freight forwarding company can leverage their size and experience to broker your shipment to the best possible service vendor. They will see each step of the process through to ensure the highest level of shipping quality. Often due to their size they have more negotiating power as well, meaning they can achieve much lower costs for the entire shipment than you would be able to individually.

2. Saves You The Stress Of Managing Regulatory Documents And Permits

So now you know that air freight forwarders obviously have a lot of experience, but that also translates into getting your shipment through all of the regulatory checkpoints it will inevitably face. Freight forwarders offer the experience of working with shipping systems in different countries. They can assist with regulatory documentation including letters of credit, insurance, and permits.

3. Peace Of Mind At Every Point Along The Supply Chain

An air freight forwarder fully integrates the transportation service whether by air, ground, sea, or rail. They take over all project management aspects of the shipment, ensuring better control of the shipping process and less risk of improper handling.

They have intricate management techniques and software that are only acquired after spending many years in the business. They can use Internet tracing and monitoring to manage warehousing, distribution and global administration. This allows you to check on your shipment at any time, and can convey that information to you. If your client calls looking for their order you can quickly and easily let them know exactly where it is and when to expect it.

By now, you should be convinced that using an air freight forwarding company is the best move. Be sure to do your homework on any freight forwarder you talk to and make sure they have a reputation for honesty and quality. Without question, hiring an air freight forwarder can make your life much, much easier. In Europe, however, there are trusted haulage companies, like TS Europe, that operate on the vast road network of the continent with great efficiency and standard of security which should make customers question the move to air freight.

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