Welcome to the latest edition of the PGL monthly newsletter! PGL had a great month of December. Here’s a glimpse at the some of the moving parts.

PGL’s president, Raj Sobhani, received the Ashok Mago Legacy Award for Distinguished Community Service because of his successful efforts to supply life-saving oxygen to India at the height of the pandemic.

Two PGL employees, Brenden Wood & Allysen Breeden, successfully passed the Customs Brokerage Exam.

PGL sponsored the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl.

We celebrated the U.S. National Guard birthday, Christmas, and rang in the New Year with a bang.

Plus a look at our trucking department and some helpful tips.

Last but not least, a recap of the key insights and events that helped shape the supply chain industry this month.

Enjoy this recap of the month and in the meantime, PGL will continue to deliver peace of mind 24/7/365.