PGL has been working closely with Warriors Ethos Care to help the refugees in Qatar.


Warriors Ethos Care is a Veteran non-profit that stood up in a short time, mostly by combat Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The humanitarian disaster is quickly unfolding on so many families who served alongside U.S. service members and in the capacity of the Afghan government (military, lawyers, judges, etc). This puts them and anyone related in dire risk. With over 550,000 refugees fleeing since January, tens of thousands have found themselves in temporary transitional locations such as Qatar, Kuwait, and European military bases. The U.S. military isn’t equipped or prepared to sustain so many refugees for prolonged periods of time. Warriors Ethos felt that they must and should do something.

“These are people who believed in the idea of Freedom; who took risks with us to try to see Afghanistan become something better. We couldn’t allow these poor people to be forgotten. Our Warrior Ethos as Veterans is to protect and care for those in need. It’s our responsibility to see beyond the color of their passport, and try to help those who helped us for so long.”

Warriors Ethos Care quickly worked to get much-needed supplies, yet faced challenges to deliver them. Companies like PGL, Hypori, and Intelligent Waves stopped what they were doing, without hesitation, to assist.

“Can you imagine trying to ship 12 pallets of materials into a Middle Eastern country, clear customs, deliver them to a military base, and get them distributed to those in need? We can’t do this alone; we need more companies like PGL to step up and help us make a difference!”

PGL and Warriors Ethos Care has successfully delivered 30,000 hygiene kits (containing toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, and lotion), 10,000 feminine hygiene pads, and 5,000 packs of baby wipes to Qatar Airbase.

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