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A-Gas is the world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services. For 30 years, through their first-class recovery, reclamation, and repurposing processes, A-Gas has been capturing refrigerant gas for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing its harmful release into the atmosphere.

Health and safety is at the core of everything they do, and they work hard to ensure best practice across the A-Gas Group. Zero Harm refers to their unwavering commitment to put safety at the forefront of everything they do.

PGL Company Profile

PGL provides intelligent supply chain solutions that go beyond 3PL for virtually all key industry sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • E-Commerce
  • Government
  • High Tech
  • Hospitality
  • Industrials
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Tradeshow
  • Retail


A-Gas, being an international company with a long history of delivering not only superior products, but products with a focus on safety, was in search of a new partner for their warehousing and logistics needs. Their priorities, along with safety, focused on accurate inventory management and consistent accuracy in shipments. This would require the latest and greatest in warehouse management technology along with the right staff to deliver on the consistency they were looking for at a high volume.


Beginning in December 2022, PGL began a pilot program, starting with 100 pallets. This inventory was received leveraging our Warehouse Management Software, leading to company-wide visibility, flexibility, and real-time data generation that exceeded their expectations.

After a month of implementation at this testing level with PGL delivering a 100% accuracy rate, A-Gas committed to having PGL manage their warehousing and contract logistics at full-scale. This included the hiring and onboarding of dedicated staff including roles in picking, checking and inventory management.

With 600 more pallets entering the warehouse, incoming inventory soon swelled to include regular delivery of full container loads.


In just six months, A-Gas has become a great partner with exceptional communication. Their concerns with inventory, accuracy and most importantly, safety a thing of the past, PGL has been able to revolutionize how A-Gas handles their inventory, warehouse management and now has a dedicated team to make sure the job is done right.

Current incoming inventory has expanded to accommodate as many as 26 full container loads per month, with an outbound frequency that can reach more than 25 separate shipments per day.

The A-Gas partnership with PGL has led to increased volume, increased accuracy and superior visibility that lets A-Gas focus on the business of doing business.

Download A-Gas – Case Study

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