Some of the biggest e-commerce trends of 2016 stem from online shopping. As online sales skyrocket, it’s important to weigh out current trends that accommodate our flourishing mobile culture. This way, businesses can create a progressive marketing strategy that evolves with new and adapting technology to achieve success.

Seeking out the latest trends in online retail, international technology provider Euro IT Group (EITG) found that this year alone, online retailers are expected to find an increase of sales by 45%. Using their research, EITG created the infographic displayed below to sum up this years latest trends in e-commerce:

2016 E-Commerce Trends

Revealing the top e-commerce trends to look out for in 2016, EITG found that the latest focus has zoomed in on the technological aspects of online sales. For instance, the trend of adopting a one-stop shop platform or implementing more mobile strategy is expected to rise dramatically this fiscal year by 45%. As a result of more and more individuals using their smartphones to make daily transactions, online customer support, like live chats are also becoming new essentials for e-commerce.