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MURRIETA – Case Study

Established in 1902, Murrieta Hot Springs Resort carries a profound history, inviting guests to embrace Vitality through the therapeutic qualities of natural geothermal waters. It has served many purposes in it’s 120+ year history, and has now been rejuvenated by new owners, the Olympus Real Estate Group, returning to duty as one of Southern California’s finest historic getaways.

PGL Services Implemented
PGL offers highly customizable contract logistics solutions that go beyond 3PL to support your supply chain needs.

  • Proactive communications & detailed project planning
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, including window treatments
  • Warehousing, delivery, & installation logistics
  • Coordination with renovation tea




Of the hundreds of hotel and resort projects that PGL has done, renovations always bring a series of unique challenges. Such is the case with Murrieta Hot Springs Resort.

Bringing this historic campus back into service as a premier oasis for rest and recreation included extensive restoration of infrastructure, along with the beautification that goes with such a project. This means close coordination with project management and several teams of contractors.

Rewarding challenges with stunning results?
That’s what PGL is here for!


Each morning began with a 5:30am call with the renovation teams. With a property of this age, each day provides opportunity for unforeseen issues to rewrite the day’s plan, and this daily planning session was crucial to keep progress on track. This effort allowed the PGL team to adjust their plans on the fly as well as navigate details like California’s stringent waste management regulations.

To illustrate the ever-evolving nature of this project, the 1 month timeline was necessarily expanded to 3 months. To accommodate this moving target, Conex containers were moved to the property for short-term storage to supplement the off-site warehousing services implemented.

Agility is a key component of how PGL does business, and just one of many examples of this on display involved the FF&E installation on the second floor of historic buildings with narrow stairways and no elevators. To do this, upstairs balcony railings were removed, so that a forklift could hoist large armoirs into the rooms.

Another example lies in the expansion over time on the 46 acre property, resulting in over 30 different guest room blueprints that needed to be accommodated.


Navigating such a complex project is exactly what we’re here for and the Murrieta Hot Springs Resort is a perfect example of evolving scope and managing unforeseen obstacles. This included coordination with general contractors and subcontractors like electricians and plumbers, and 24/7 operation, including holidays.

Almost 10,000 separate items including furniture, televisions, fixtures, artwork and more totaling over 1 million dollars worth of products were obtained, warehoused and installed to bring this historic property back into service as the Southern California oasis that it once was.

With PGL, we view obstacles as opportunities, and we are proud to have contributed to the success of this project.


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Who is PGL? The 2017 Explainer

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E-Commerce in 2016: Trends on the Rise

Some of the biggest e-commerce trends of 2016 stem from online shopping. Making waves in the world of e-commerce is no easy feat. However, specialist ecommerce seo can play a crucial role in the fate of your business. As online sales skyrocket, it’s important to weigh out current trends that accommodate our flourishing mobile culture. This way, businesses can create a progressive marketing strategy that evolves with new and adapting technology to achieve success. For further guidance of how business strategy is evolving then it might be worth reading some Inspirational Business Quotes by Salesforce. This will provide valuable insight into how and why businesses will have to adapt in order to prosper in the coming years.

Seeking out the latest trends in online retail, international technology provider Euro IT Group (EITG) found that this year alone, online retailers are expected to find an increase of sales by 45%. Using their research, EITG created the infographic displayed below to sum up this years latest trends in e-commerce:

2016 E-Commerce Trends

Revealing the top e-commerce trends to look out for in 2016, EITG found that the latest focus has zoomed in on the technological aspects of online sales. For instance, the trend of adopting a one-stop shop platform or implementing more mobile strategy is expected to rise dramatically this fiscal year by 45%. As a result of more and more individuals using their smartphones to make daily transactions, online customer support, like live chats are also becoming new essentials for e-commerce.

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