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Working with PGL has meant that of the hundreds of road blocks and things that can go wrong in a flight simulator move, they’ve seen every problem that can arise, and they have the solution.


For Flight Simulator Manufacturers, Training Facilities and Logistics Industry Partners, PGL offers full-service flight simulator moves and specialized services to support those moves, delivering peace of mind and the industry’s only On-Site Logistics Strategy Manager service so that you can rest easy, knowing that your Flight Simulator move is being handled by experts with decades of experience.

PGL Services Implemented

For Flight Simulator Manufacturers, Training Facilities and Logistics Industry Partners, PGL offers full-service flight simulator moves and specialized services in support of those moves.

  • Logistics Planning
  • On-Site Management
  • Disassembly
  • Crating
  • Loading
  • Trucking
  • Customs handling
  • Assembly & Installation


FlightSafety International has been an aircraft manufacturer-authorized flight training provider for over seventy years, with learning centers across the United States, and growing across the globe, from London to Tokyo. As an extension of their robust training programs, they have become one of the world’s leading flight simulator designers and manufacturers, culminating with the opening of their new flight simulation training system design, manufacturing, and support facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 2011. Not only do they produce flight simulators for their own training centers, but they also provide equipment for other training services and airlines.


The key to a successful flight simulator move is in the details. Having the personnel and experience needed to deliver this equipment includes many special accommodations for these sensitive parts. All flight simulator moves start with a detailed bid that covers the steps and expenses to accomplish a move of this nature. PGL focuses on a comprehensive bid that includes the communication and visibility that is so crucial to successful delivery. Crated on-site, the PGL team worked with engineers to ensure legal width and height compliance. The flight simulators are tightly packed, heat wrapped in 32mil poly to prevent moisture intrusion. Leading the charge, was our on-site Program Manager, Shannon Pardue. With 17 years of experience moving 20+ flight simulators annually, his presence on the ground, supervising the unique needs of this type of move is invaluable and makes the difference that you can feel, knowing that a specialist problem solver is there to make it happen.


Aggressive pursuit of not only a safe and successful move but also a timely one. Throughout the process, PGL kept our FlightSafety International contacts informed every step of the way. This project allowed PGL to flex many of it’s contract logistics muscles, with many more functions available. For international moves, our partnership with TALA, The Aerospace Logistics Alliance offers the transparency and peace of mind necessary for the task. Additionally, other specialized logistics including packaging for ocean freight, assistance with customs clearance, and more. From rigging and crating in a controlled airport environment to successful delivery, PGL has the experience to go beyond 3PL with full-service delivery on a global scale.


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