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1,400 miles, 10 tons and no problems.


When presented with the opportunity to to move a full Bombardier BD700 fuselage halfway across the country, PGL jumps at the chance to put our specialized aero freight people and processes on the job. Moving this load from Chino California to Waco Texas is a perfect example of the rewarding challenge that we love to tackle.


The journey begins with planning, securing the permits for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The route is meticulously planned with turn-by-turn directions and includes lead and chase cars to keep an eye on the cargo while in transit and adhere to the law when moving such a large load.

This project necessitated the use of cranes to load the 20,000 pound fuselage on custom built cribs to safely secure it for the journey. The wheels were removed to meet height requirements, leading to a load that is 14 feet high and 17 feet wide.


The three day journey covered almost 1,400 miles, and was delivered safely to the customer, ready for them to work their magic in creating an immersive experience for aircraft training.

To move your next big thing, PGL is ready bring you peace of mind so that you can rest easy knowing that your project is handled.

PGL Services Utilized

  • Coordinating route planning and permitting with Authorities in four states
  • Custom cribs built by our Crating department
  • Engineering to ensure safe handling and load stabilization​​​​​​​
  • Insurance

Download JSSI BD700 Fuselage Move Case Study by PGL

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