Supply Chain Visibility and Optimization

The PGL solution provides a complete picture of NEO Tech’s end-to-end supply chain in real-time, including all purchase order (PO) and vendors management.

PGL Company Profile
PGL provides intelligent supply chain solutions that go beyond 3PL. With deep industry experience in the consumer electronics industry, our proposed key differentiators are:

  • Control Tower Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Robust Carrier Screening
  • KPI Measurements and Reporting
  • Project 44 Implementation
    • Real-Time Tracking
    • Predictive Arrival Times
    • Push Notifications
    • Event Management
    • Time-Based Geo-Fencing

Current Technology Customers:
TracFone, NEO Tech, Insight, AVID, and several undisclosed large F500 companies

Supply Chain Visibility

Over the course of PGL’s eight year relationship with NEO Tech, this high-tech company has successfully optimized their “lowest total cost” model, which is one of their most important initiatives.

NEO Tech first approached PGL to address a number of key issues in their supply chain, including visibility and on-time delivery. Punctual delivery in an economic fashion was Paramount. In order to remain very competitive, NEO Tech focused on its supply chain. With extremely efficient processes, PGL clearly became their first choice and pr eferred logistics partner in getting the job done on time, every time.

PGL developed a system that was able to connect with NEO Tech’s purchase order system and simultaneously, we were able to evaluate lead times. With PGL Connect, Neo Tech management was able to review all orders and decide how to effectively transport each item, with a clear focus on consolidating shipments in their China hubs, at the lowest cost possible. In addition to centralized freight from their over two dozen vendors overseas, they also reduced documentation and customs fees with this unified procedure resulting in reduced number of custom entries.

Additionally, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains, PGL was able to leverage its operational flexibility and Global Enterprise relationship with DHL Express. A shift from traditional airfreight (that was experiencing unprecedented cost increases and space shortages) to small pack services, ultimately led to decreased delivery time, increased on-time performance, and reduced overall expense on Air Cargo.

PGL was able to increase visibility of NEO Tech’s supply chain and purchase ordering system, while giving real-time updates of the status of each PO. PGL’s proactive problem solving style coupled with flexibility, allowed NEO Tech to save costs by consolidating shipments, documentation and custom clearance entries.



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