The Texas Rangers are a major league baseball team based in Arlington, Texas in the heart of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. The Rangers compete in the American League West division and have been playing in Arlington since 1972.

PGL Services Implemented

This relationship involves ongoing coordination and shipments to and from Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona, moving the team equipment for every away game and warehousing and fulfillment of game promotional items. This allows us to use our logistics skills in multiple disciplines including:

  • Logistics Planning Loading and transport
  • Warehousing and management
  • Inventory and fulfillment


Moving the equipment to support an entire Major League Baseball team to off-site spring training and 81 away games per season is no small task. Additionally, home games include promotional giveaways that must be received, inventoried, warehoused and distributed.

As the Official Logistics Partner of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club, PGL is responsible for coordinating and executing on the effort to move that supporting equipment and manage those promotional items so that the team can keep their collective eyes on the ball.


Each year, the buildup for the season starts with Spring Training. Moving all of the supporting equipment to sustain the team for 37 days may be a tall order, but PGL has worked with the organization to bring this daunting effort from an all-day slog to an efficient 2 hours. To do this, PGL logistics operators reengineered the process, implementing a palletized system that greatly improves time efficiency and removes a tremendous burden on the team from an operational standpoint, requiring far fewer people to execute.

Away games require a similar, if smaller, effort to move equipment with an initial move often beginning while the team is still on the field during a home game. A smaller collection of equipment used in the game is gathered after the last inning and added to the shipment that will support the team at their next game.

Along with game equipment, we have the warehousing and fulfillment of home game promotional giveaways. To allow for more control and availability, these items have moved from “just-in-time” supply chain methodology to “just-in-case”. These giveaways are received at our warehouse, inventoried and stored until game day when they are delivered to Globe Life Field, packed with rabid fans. As with all of our services, this is made possible with PGL personal service, working directly with team representatives to ensure that there are no surprises.


Faster, more efficient with the personal touch that leads to peace of mind. PGL is proud to support the Texas Rangers and to put our skills to work, doing our part to to support the great game. From project management to successful delivery and everything in between, PGL has the experience to provide intelligent solutions that go beyond 3PL with full-service delivery on a global scale.

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