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Urban Air is the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park where kids of all ages (and kids at heart) can explore thrilling attractions, challenge their body and mind, and most importantly…have a blast! Much more than a trampoline park, Urban Air has led the charge when it comes to indoor adventure parks.

Urban Air is part of the portfolio of Unleashed Brands, the parent company that consists of six family-friendly brands and over $820M in systemwide sales and over 1,500 franchises.
“PGL streamlines the shipping process for our franchisees, from direct coordination to ensuring each product is handled with the highest level of care, allowing our teams to focus on the big picture. Laura and the entire PGL team are a trusted partner and they are a joy to work with.”
– Ryan Slemons, Chief Development Officer, Unleashed Brands

The Opportunity

Urban Air is a franchiser on the move. With over 60 parks opening in a given year, they needed assistance with the coordination of large equipment freight from Asia to their new adventure parks across the United States. In addition to the trans-Pacific logistical challenges,

this engagement is also about managing relationships. From communication with the franchiser, manufacturing overseas, and new franchisees that are eager to see their investment lead to financial success, this is about more than getting containers from one place to another. This is PGL Personal Service.

The Execution

At any given time, there are over 100 park projects on the books at various stages, from freshly-signed contracts to new parks only days from opening, leading to a system where every park is in a different stage of development. For each park, the process begins with meticulous planning to ensure that the timeframe fits with the other concerns for a new opening. The equipment must arrive when the space is ready, and no owner wants to see a completed space sitting empty, so the delicate dance to have multiple containers arrive for installation begins 4 months before a park opens. If you have any experience in the logistics industry, you know that issues and delays can and do happen, and what a daunting task it can be to thread this needle. That’s where experienced operators like PGL’s Laura Clanton come in. Not only does she lead the team that makes this effort happen, but she does so while being in constant communication with the franchisees that want to see their business dreams come to fruition, hopefully without delays.

PGL Services Utilized

  • Coordination with Point of Origin Logistics
  • Trans-Pacific Freight
  • Customs
  • Rail and Truck Transportation
  • A New Level of White Glove Service

The Outcome

Dozens of parks per year, each culminating with a week of deliveries for every park with a minimum of 7 containers full of equipment and a total timeline of less than 6 months for each location, start to finish. This is the equation that leads to more than 60 shipments on the water at any given time.

Add to this math that for each store, there is an anxious new business owner with Laura’s direct number, and you can see that this is a shining example of PGL taking “White Glove Service” to an entirely new level.


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