The Opportunity

Avid, being one of the largest hardware providers in their industry, has an extensive network of suppliers and distributors, both domestic and international, that require complicated systems to provide visibility and efficiency. What started as a conversation about a move from California to a more centrally located warehouse in North Texas has evolved to require intricate system implementation and fulfilment. As the scope of the engagement expanded, so did the partnership with PGL to analyze their needs, conduct the move, provide warehousing and WMS integration, along with dedicated personnel.

The Execution

Beginning in July 2019, PGL began meeting with Avid, about warehouse fulfillment and the move from Milpitas California to Grand Prairie Texas. From these meetings, a new plan began to form, including solutions such as:

  • Installing a per-piece-touch pricing model to simplify operations, thereby side-stepping the previous convoluted process that had included box-size fees, number-of-pieces fees and others.
  • Implementation of the Deposco WMS.
  • Establishing new warehouse space and finding efficiencies to reduce unnecessary warehousing to 35,000sqft.
  • Staffing 5 full-time warehouse employees.
  • Redefining and streamlining Avid’s regular end-of-quarter push, drastically reducing scope overages.

The Outcome

The partnership between Avid and PGL has been a shining example of living the 3PL dream. Together, we have accomplished the initial goals and expanded our work together, leading to the magic combination of efficiency and process streamlining. Greater visibility into inventory and warehouse management, coupled with dedicated warehouse staff that have developed intimate knowledge of the product line has resulted in lower costs and faster, more efficient delivery. As is often the case, once the initial problem solving efforts started showing results, the engagement evolved so that Avid could take advantage of the one-stop-shop nature of PGL.

When the day-to-day details are covered, innovators like Avid have the peace of mind that means they can focus on what they do best.



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