Nothing exemplifies the challenges involved in the shipping and logistics of large, sensitive equipment better than the crating and delivery of aircraft simulators. All flight simulator moves start with a detailed bid that covers the steps and expenses necessary to accomplish a move of this nature. The extensive experience that PGL has in moving this type of equipment leads to a comprehensive bid that includes the communication and visibility that is so crucial to successful delivery. Once on the job, PGL can supply the rigging equipment to the site along with the operators and credentials necessary to perform in a controlled environment for the crating and loading processes. Crating begins with engineer consultation to create a fully-customized solution that is unique for each aircraft. Special attention is paid to load limitations for both width and height, as well as accommodations for these sensitive parts. Everything is tightly packed to avoid shifting, and heat wrapped in a 32 mil poly to prevent moisture intrusion. Everything is tarped rail-to-rail with no exposed marine wrap to keep the avionics safe. Throughout the process, PGL keeps you informed every step of the way. For international moves, our partnership with TALA, The Aerospace Logistics Alliance, offers the transparency and peace of mind necessary for the task. From rigging and crating in a controlled airport environment, to successful delivery, PGL has the experience to go beyond 3PL with full-service delivery on a global scale.

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